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How & Why

  • Can this "Friend Fit Bot" beta version provide useful Personality Traits forecast ?
    To find out this, clear the text inside the form and put your own past writing ( personal life emails or thoughts) around 500 words into the form and to see the forecast! More words are put in this form, more accurate the prediction is. You know your own personality and habits better than anybody does. Now, you can see some personality traits of anybody just like this ! The forecast may save you lots of time in your life and work.
  • Want to use another language?
    After we receive lots ot requests of one specific language, we will offer that language version as well. The page for you to post your request will be posted here soon
  • Serious to obtain very useful forecast from this "FriendFit Bot" beta?
    Read this Usage Guidance to find out how to obtain the most useful personality prediction through this "Friend Fit Bot" beta here.

Copy/Paste Below the Words of Anybody to See the Personality Traits

* How to Obtain the forecast fast?
The Demo text inside the form here is the speech of one politician in Massachusetts state in history. You can touch/click "Get Forecast !" button on the form to see the personality forecast of this politician now !

* The personality predition will be displayed below

Enjoy the Fun Personality Prediction!

Several important points about this personality prediction:

  • This A.I. Bot is built on the world bleeding-edge A.I. technology
    This "Friend Fit Bot" beta version is powered by emerging IBM Watson artificial intelligence technologies that are in the process of refining. After you click/touch, many computers need to do lots of processing behind this A.I. bot, so the results will be displayed here in several seconds.
  • Have some fun with the results
    If you think that the personality forecast is not useful to you, we hope that these predictions bring you some fun.
  • No results displayed ? Touch/Click the Button Again
    Computer does have gliches sometimes, it is normal !

The Personality Forecast of the Above Words will be displayed here